Install an Energy Efficient Roof on Your Commercial Building

Rely on our licensed team to install your flat roof in Milford, PA

Commercial flat roofs are an investment, but they're relatively affordable compared to the other roofing materials. M and M Custom Builders, LLC can install flat roofs on any commercial property in Milford, PA. Our team will install your flat roof correctly, so you won't have to worry about leaks or issues from incorrect installation. Call 845-239-1630 now to learn more about commercial flat roofs.

Benefits of flat roofs

Benefits of flat roofs

Commercial flat roofs are a quality investment when you need to replace your current roof or need a roof for your new commercial structure. Our team can install any size flat roof in Milford, PA. You should install a flat roof on your commercial building because flat roofs:

  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Have 15- to 20-year lifespans

You can also purchase a wind resistant or fire resistant flat roof. Contact us today to schedule an installation.